Tom Cypert

Born an Army brat in 1968, my family eventually settled in Southern Oklahoma, where my father worked as a policeman and my mother as a nurse. I set my sights on joining the Army as a little boy and enlisted at the age of 18. While in the Army, I served as a cavalry scout in 10th Cavalry, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, and finished up my career as an infantry scout in the Indiana National Guard. I was drawn to the military because I love helping and protecting those who need it. So, naturally, I was drawn to civilian law enforcement for my next career.  I served as a deputy in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office from 1998 to 2000, and in 2000 was hired as a police officer with the Shelbyville Police Department, where I spent the majority of my law enforcement career. It is also in Shelbyville I chose to plant roots.

I have two children, Brad (27) who lives in Southern Indiana, and Lana (9), a student in the SCPS system. My wife, Amanda Wills Cypert, was born and raised here in Shelbyville and operates her law office out of the historical Stanley-Casey house on Washington Street. A couple of years before I retired from law enforcement, we decided to sell our home in the Fairway Crossing neighborhood in hopes of finding a property with more outdoor space. We chose a mutual friend, April Ethington, as our real estate agent. It was during this process I first became interested in exploring real estate as a future career. April was an incredible advocate for us, and it was through her I became acquainted with Larry Rogers. When I met Larry, I instantly knew I would want to work for him if real estate was in my future. I retired from law enforcement in 2018, took an extended road trip out West with my family, and then began the process of getting my real estate license.

In 2019 I joined Larry and the folks at Rogers Realty. I feel fortunate to work with such a professional and amazing team. My very first real estate client was a gentleman from Guatemala who had lived in Kentucky for over 20 years and never owned his own home. He had saved money, little by little, over those 20 years with hopes he could one day purchase a property for his family in Shelby County. With my very first professional real estate transaction, I had the incredible honor of assisting a man realize the quintessential American Dream. I will never forget the pride he had at the closing table. I was hooked. A job where I help people realize big dreams and provide for my family? What’s not to love!!??!!

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